Rebirthing & Dancing Workshop

Lin Fleish, a member of The Holistic Local, is hosting a Rebirthing & Dancing Workshop 3 July, 2017 in Sydney!

– Choose a Free, Limitless & Joyful Self

Monday, July 3 at 7 PM – 9 PM

Darlinghurst Community Space

277 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Lin Fleish, a member of The Holistic Local, is hosting a Rebirthing & Dancing Workshop 3 July, 2017 in Sydney!
If you could go back to the moment before your birth…

When you knew who you really are – without limits. The instant that the power of free choice & the power of the moment are deeply understood and you know – birth is not your beginning and death is not your end.

Every moment offers infinite opportunities and in every moment you can choose differently. Each authentic choice that you make creates new paths for you and re-births a new you – more joyful, fearless and limitless.

But if you are choosing your old and familiar habits that create negative outcomes in your life you are continuously keeping yourself in the same paradigm.

In our fast paced, demanding and stressful lives we often don’t have timeto look at our own emotions & thoughts (our habits)…

Many people avoid facing their thoughts and feelings and some are in denial of them. These suppressed emotions become the main reason for many diseases including depression, anxiety and simply not being happy.

Re-Birthing & Dancing is a simple yet very powerful technique that combines
Conscious Connected Breathing & Free Movement which offers you “The experience of Freedom.”

When the breathing becomes deep and calm, the mind becomes clear and calm, conscious thinking becomes passive and the subconscious mind is revealed. In this state of mind we begin to experience and release suppressed emotions. This frees up energy, bringing with it greater aliveness and joy, allowing us to move towards fulfilment of our potential as human beings.

The class is suitable for everyone – no previous experience required.

Investment: $25

About the Facilitator:

Massage Service · Sydney, Australia
Meditation & Coaching & Theta Healing

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