The Herstory of The Holistic Local

In 2016 Zehavit (aka Zee) launched her vision of creating a space for children, adults, families and community to build on their well-being. It was located in a pop up space in the cosy neighbourhood of Rose Bay. Very quickly Zee had managed to curate a dedicated and passionate female tribe of healers, practitioners, yoga teachers and masseuses. The space was very popular but unfortunately it was time limited.

Since then, the tribe remained in touch and collaborate to this day. Some say it is only a matter of time before Zee finds the right location and sets up The Holistic Local in a permanent space.

Testimonials for The Holistic Local in Rose Bay, Sydney.

About Zee

For most of my life I have tried to stay as far away from the kitchen as possible to avoid the stigma of the “little Israeli housewife” (oh yes I was born in Israel, “the land of plenty”).

I spent 6 years at The Open University in Israel studying and completing my B.A. in Psychology and Education and the day I handed my final Uni assignment in 2003, I left Israel to live in Australia (now that is the land of plenty!).

Zee from the Holistic LocalOh I forgot to mention that I was 5 months pregnant when landing in Down Under. As many of you know being pregnant comes with particular food cravings. I was craving the cuisine I grew up with, Moroccan food, and I couldn’t find it anywhere in Australia! So, I asked my family to send me some recipes and I started to cook and very well. I never really stopped since.

I completed my chef’s certificate, I owned my own coffee shops for years (hard work), catering businesses, cooking classes, private chef services and the list goes on. I always practiced yoga and in 2014 I decided to indulge my passion and become a Hatha yoga teacher. Now I am fortunate enough to offer my catering services and cooking classes at retreats and workshops, teach hatha yoga classes, host La Luna Club and other events.

Zee hosting a cooking class at a retreat
Zee hosting a cooking class at a retreat.

“I love to combine my passion for yoga and food in very creative classes, workshops and retreats. Let me nourish you from the inside out.” – Zee