“Hearts are for loving” Workshop

12.30pm – 2.30pm

Sunday 25th July, 2017

Dharma Shala Yoga Space, Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi

This channeled workshop is ideal for singles desiring love and those in a relationship wanting to nourish the intimate connection.

Tickets are only $20 plus very small booking fee.


The format of the workshop is a channeling of the topics listed below followed by a Q&A.


  • What is love
  • We are all made of love
  • The love you have for yourself
  • The love you have for another
  • Staying in the love
  • Letting love into your life
  • The Global Heart


This will provide an opportunity for participants to receive answers directly from Source.

Sin_Mariani_Channel_Downloading_Light_Seila_Chapman_WorkshopPlease arrive on time to the venue at 12.30pm. Enter the venue peacefully and allow yourself to find a comfortable space. Sin requests that participants are quiet until the Q&A session where you can ask questions.

Wear something comfortable as we will be using a yoga space where the vibe is already relaxed and peaceful. You get to lie down, sit up, change positions and just be comfortable.

The workshop will go for 90 minutes and the venue needs to be vacated by 2.30pm.

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We look forward to seeing you on the 25th June!

Love & Light,


Enquiries: downloadinglight@gmail.com