Since the beginning of time it is believed that women would gather together for New Moon and Full Moon rituals. It was a time of good magic and to celebrate the bonds that women share together as a sisterhood.

Altar from La Luna ClubIn honour of this divine tradition,  Zee hosts a special circle relating to the meaning of each full and new moon called “La Luna Club”. Moon ceremonies focus on feminine energy and women are encouraged to attend to connect with themselves, each other, their community and the moon.

It’s also an opportunity to network and meet other like-minded women. Often Zee invites special guests including channels, healers, life coaches etc. to share their wisdom, insights and even energetic healing during the ceremony.Ladies gathering at La Luna Club

For those who have heard rumours about the exceptionally delicious cacao and bliss balls devoured at La Luna Club, it is all true!

Come join other women at the next La Luna Club. We meet every second Sunday at Prana Space in Rose Bay. You can visit the What’s On page for upcoming dates or like us on Facebook and receive instant notifications!

If you’re extra keen be sure to join the “Hatha Yoga with Crystals” class that Zee holds before La Luna Club at 5pm.