Mother’s Day Mother & daughter DIY skin care workshop

Bond with your daughter for a fun yet educational DIY skin care workshop where you will learn how to make your own skin care from everyday Ingredients in your kitchen! work together, mix, prepare, spread, laugh and find balance in a relaxed and nourishing Environment.
Learn how to create a nourishing self care ritual with organic ingredients from the kitchen.
Inexpensive, effective, nourishing and good for you and the Earth. Connect with yourself through a creative practice which honours your health, the purity of self care and gives conscious awareness to the Earth and its inhabitants.
In this workshop you will learn how to make your own skincare with pure, natural ingredients. Learn recipes such as facial exfoliator, avocado face mask, coconut body scrub plus many others.
Experiment with personalised blends and combinations, creating your own organic range.
Learn basic medicinal properties of the ingredients as you go.
Vegan, cruelty free skincare with no packaging, no nasties and no big price tags !
This is a beautiful mindful workshop that encourages us to make conscious decisions in what and how we consume not only for ourselves but for the Earth we live on too.
When:10th May 3pm-5pm
Where: At My Asana 2/10 Norton Ave, Vaucluse.
investment: Early bird $140 for both mother & daughter (until 3/5/20) late bird $150
*The price includes all materials and a product to take home

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